Brand Review: Face Republic

So for today’s review, I am going to be reviewing the brand “Face Republic“❤️. They were so kind to give me these goodies during the Philbeauty event and I’m so excited to share with you my thoughts about it!

So these are mostly all of the products they have and the ones that they gave me except for the Gold Mineral Cleanser + Crystal Glow Whitening Cream in tube.

1st product: Perfect Cover BB Cream

I have the 40mL tube and the travel sachet and all I could say is that I love the packaging and the color of it! It gives me the aesthetic vibe. This product claims to give you a full coverage and have a bright & dewy complexion and in my experience, it covered my blemishes but not totally covered especially if you really have many acne or pimples, maybe I could say 75% of it could be covered. For me it is not really a full coverage but only medium coverage but the good news is, it made my face look fresh and blooming! It has a mild scent like a perfume and the texture of it is like an ordinary BB cream.

Pros: It is easy to blend. The smell is mild and you can adjust with the texture. Can last up to 5hrs (for me) and It make you look like you have a natural bright skin.

Cons: The tube is not full so its hard to pump the product. It has a medium coverage instead of full coverage.

Overall: I give this product 9/10!

2nd product: Super Screen Sun Gel SPF 50+

I have the 50mL tube and the sachet. This products is a lightweight gel with cooling effect and advance SPF 50+ PA+++ to protect the skin from UVA and UVB exposure. It says that the benefits of it can be moisturizing, cooling and sun protection. I think this is their best seller and this product really works for me! It can be sticky at first but it has a cooling effect on your face and also it really did moisturized my face + it can also be a sunblock. The bottle is full and the smell of it is like a mild lavander and the texture is a sticky white fluid.

Pros: It can be a sunblock + moisturizer. The tube is full. The smell is nice and It really has a cooling effect.

Cons: It has a sticky feeling at first when you put it but it will be normal after a few minutes.

Overall: I give this a 9.5/10!

3rd Product: Crystal Glow Whitening Cream

I only have the travel sachet but anyways, it is a cream moisturizer that infuses white flower complex for instantly white, clear and young looking skin. So the benefits are whitening and anti-aging. Based on my experience, it also has a nice smell and the texture of it looks like a sunblock similar to the sungel but this doesn’t have a sticky feeling and it looks like you’re just putting a cream on your face. As of now, I’m already using it for a week and it made my skin glow but not totally instant.

Pros: Can make your face glow and blooming.

Cons: Not sure if it can really whiten the face.

Overall: I give this product 8.5!

4th product: Gold Mineral Cleanser

I have the travel sachet and its quite big compared to others. It is a foam cleanser with gold minerals and ginseng root to brighten skin and maintain its elasticity. This claim to make your face look brighter and it is also an anti aging. In my thoughts, I can say that this cleaser so good! It color of the product is really gold and foam plus it has a soap smell like dove or other facial soaps. In my first try, I felt that my face became smoother and brighter.

Pros: This foam cleanser is unique and I have to say that it really brightens the skin

Cons: none 🙂

Overall: I give this a 9/10!

5th Product: Sleeping Beauty Face Masks

They have 3 kinds of masks (I already use the Aloe vera before this blog lol) but anyways, I haven’t tried the rice and snail mask but I tried their aloe vera mask and believe me you wont regret buying this mask! For me it is one of the best masks i’ve tried(still don’t know the price so I can’t tell if its affordable) It made my skin smoother after I woke up and made me look more blooming! It’s like I put an aloe vera gel on my face 🙂

Pros: I love the smell, the feeling of it is not super sticky compared to other masks, It smoothens the skin.

Cons: Can’t tell but I don’t have negative comments on this one 🙂

Overall: 10/10! Going to try the rice and snail mask next! but yeah check out the aloe vera one!!

Quick review about their brand. It is a Korean skincare brand made for Filipinas and they are new to the Philippines. What I like about these products is that they are cruelty free and not tested on animals. I don’t know their price yet but they’re going to launch their products in Watsons stores next week so watch out for it!


check their account:

• facebook:

• instagram:

• email:

• available at: Lazada, Shopee and BeautyMNL


I hope you learned something from this review!

xoxo, Hanah.


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