Is This New Korean Brand Worth To Try?

Annyeong! ~ Im back with another review and this time its a new Korean brand which is the “BBAC” I got 4 of their products which is the sun cream, sun stick, cover cream and foundation! I super love korean brands when it comes to skincare and cosmetics, anything Kbeauty so lets see if these products are worth to try!

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BeUtify Skincare Products

Another local brand to try! Its also cruelty free and has natural and 8 botanical active ingredients. It has 6 products in this set and im excited because some of the products here looks interesting especially the eye serum since ya’ll know i have dark undereyes.

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SnoeBeautyInc Awesome Poresome Set

Finally! Been wanting to share you guys my experience about this Awesome Poresome Set from Snoe Beauty. There’s 5 products included in this set and im amazed with the results it gave me. The packaging of this was so cool and the color reminds me of lemon and lime. As i’ve said, these products have witch hazel, azeloglicina, pineapple, cucumber, papaya & calamansi extracts that can remove excess oil/ dirt or impurities which can help the skin to be clean, nourished and pore-fect!

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